Slide design narcissism: Logo on every slide.

Stop putting your logo on every slide. Many companies think it's necessary to stamp a logo on every slide because it builds "brand image" and looks more professional. It doesn't. In fact, a logo on every slide hurts the effectiveness of your presentation. Here's why.

1. It's distracting. – Great slides support your message, they don't distract from it. Putting a big logo in the corner of every slide is wasting screen real estate with visual noise that doesn't enhance your message.

2. Your audience knows who you are. – I've had clients tell me they "need" to include their logo on every slide so the audience doesn't forget who they are. If you're speaking to a room full of people and they suddenly don't know who you are, you have a bigger problem on your hands...

3. It hurts your brand. – An ineffective, boring presentation that's elaborately branded is worse for your brand than an engaging, memorable presentation with no branding at all. People remember presenters who can move them with a great story. Don't let bad slides get in the way of that.

If you really want your logo in your presentation, keep it limited to the first and last slides. That way your audience can see what company you're from at the start and then are reminded of it again at the very end after you've wowed them with a memorable presentation.