Welcome to the Apollo Ideas blog


Did you know it is estimated over 120,000 new blogs start worldwide every single day? That’s a new blog faster than every second! If you’re a relatively wired individual there’s a good chance you regularly read several. Allow me to welcome you to this one.

When you step back and think about it, blogs are a big deal. Bloggers could almost be considered the sages and gurus of our time. They deliver their knowledge and insight into just about every genre of ideas society can think up, and their words resonate far. Their audience is made up of anyone on the planet with an interest and an internet connection. Just think about the impact a person with a computer and some ideas can have in today’s world.

Sure, there are the seemingly pointless blogs out there too (daily insights to zombie defense, anyone?), but I don’t put a lot of faith in concepts like “pointless”. While they may not be interesting to you, they are probably interesting to someone. A great teacher of mine had a saying for this. “It’s not boring, you are.” I’ll save delving into that one for another time.

I know I’ve learned a lot from many great bloggers. I see writing this as a continuation of that learning experience. As a presentation consultant, I spend a lot of time helping people tell their stories better. I plan to use this blog as a forum to develop and discuss some of my ideas relating to presentation, visual design, and human perception.

As we set out I am reminded of a line from the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

“You want to know how to paint a perfect painting? It’s easy. Make yourself perfect and then just paint naturally. That’s the way all the experts do it.” 

Becoming a great presenter is as much (if not more) an endeavor in personal development as it is in creating better presentations.

Presentation is everywhere and relates to everything. The ability to communicate your ideas effectively is becoming an increasingly crucial skill in the business world, and life in general. I hope this blog gets you thinking more deeply about your life as a story-teller.

With that, I hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to engage in the discussion by leaving a few comments. Check back for the next entry soon. Happy reading!