Set yourself apart.


I recently attended a presentation that made me think back to a basic piece of marketing theory.

The purpose of the presentation was simple, it was to sell a product to an audience of prospects. Overall the delivery was good, but I was troubled by the way the presenter chose to differentiate her company’s product.

Instead of highlighting the benefits her company's product offers, she spent the majority of her time criticizing each of her competitors and elaborating on the weaknesses of their products. This left a sour taste in my mouth and no doubt affected the impact her presentation had on the rest of the audience.

Only insecure companies need to spend so much time criticizing the competition, and they're typically insecure for a reason.

If you can’t sell your product by highlighting the benefits it offers, chances are you don’t have a very good product. The same is true for the services you offer. The same is true for your company. The same is true for your life.

Be who you are, not who others aren't.