Your last slide: It's not over until...


I recently saw the CEO of a well known children's entertainment company speak and it reminded me of a crucial presentation tip: Your last slide is not the end of your presentation.

This executive's delivery was top notch with warm storytelling and great visuals. He came across as a likable guy and left his audience impressed. Unfortunately, that positive picture completely changed during the Q&A.

It wasn't an official Q&A with microphones in the aisles — just an informal meet-and-greet at the bottom of the hour. I'll assume he was in a rush to leave because his tone was alienating and brash to the people who came up to ask a question. This ruined the whole impression of his presentation for everyone who stuck around.

Your last slide is not the end of your presentation. How you present yourself before and after your slideshow matters just as much. You can rehearse your slide delivery over and over to be warm and likable, but if you come across as a jerk once the slides finish, you will still be seen as a jerk.