The next version of Apollo Ideas

Welcome to the new Apollo Ideas. We have been working hard over the past several weeks to overhaul and modernize our digital home. As we began the process, we identified a set of questions to guide us:

  • How could we make the navigation simpler, so visitors could get to the information they want more easily?
  • How could we improve our portfolio to more comprehensively represent our approach to slide design? (This was a big one.)
  • How could we unify the overall aesthetic to be more clear, simple, and expressive, while also being more flexible so we could add new functionality?

We are proud of our new design and we think it captures our personality better than ever. Here are a few of the new areas we've added:

  • A dynamic new portfolio. We've always received a lot of positive feedback on the Before & After examples in our portfolio, so we made it front-and-center in the new version. And in the new Sample Slides section all of the thumbnails are finally clickable. Just click or tap to expand each slide to its full resolution and see every detail.
  • An improved and integrated blog. The new Apollo Ideas Blog is simpler and integrated better with the rest of our site. Expect more long-form articles about presentation design and communication strategy coming soon. We are also going to start using the Apollo Ideas Twitter account to share interesting things we find about presentations, communication, and design.
  • New ways to contact us. Our new contact page includes links to our social network pages. We also included a way to sign up for our new Newsletter.
  • Job listings. We are really excited about this one. We're expanding our design team, so we now have our own place to post about new positions. Tell your designer friends who are interested in information design.

We hope you like the new Apollo Ideas. Be sure to check back in the future for useful new articles on the blog, and even new services coming down the road.