The story behind THIRST (2008).

Everybody drinks, but hardly anyone is talking about water. THIRST is an awareness presentation that explores the realities of the emerging global fresh water shortage.

The water crisis is an issue that's going to affect everyone in the coming decades, but the majority of people don't know much about it. For this reason, Jeff Brenman (founder of Apollo Ideas) felt it was a perfect topic for a web-based, educational presentation. In early 2008, Jeff wrote, designed, and published THIRST.

THIRST is far from comprehensive, but intentionally so. It does not offer a list of suggestions for how to conserve water and it does not delve into the politics of who controls water resources around the world. Instead, THIRST starts a conversation. It was designed to inspire people to want to explore the topic deeper. As a story, THIRST was created to act as a beginning — not a beginning, middle, and end.

THIRST won first place in the 2008 World's Best Presentation Contest on It has since been viewed by millions of people worldwide and adopted for use by hundreds of non-profits, educators, and storytellers.

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